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Fjordkraft Holding ASA: Ex dividend NOK 2.2 today
The shares in Fjordkraft Holding ASA will be traded ex dividend NOK 2.2 as from today, 15 May 2019. The pay-out date will be on or about 24 May 2019. This information is subject to disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.
Minutes from Annual General Meeting in Fjordkraft Holding ASA
The Annual General Meeting of Fjordkraft Holding ASA was held at 08.30 CEST today, Tuesday 14 May 2019. Please see attached a copy of the Minutes from the Annual General Meeting. For queries, please contact: Morten A. W. Opdal, Head of Controlling and Investor Relations, +47 970 62 526 This information is subject of the disclosure requirements according to §5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act).
Fjordkraft Holding ASA: Grant of options to primary insider
Reference is made to the Board of Directors' approval of a long-term incentive program on 10 December 2018. The following primary insider has been granted options: - Solfrid Fluge Andersen: 30,000 options, now holding a total of 60,000 options One third of the options vest on 15 February 2020, one third vest on 15 February 2021 and one third vest on 15 February 2022. The options have a strike price of NOK 37.9 and expire on 15 February 2023. The long-term incentive program is subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting on 14 May 2019. If the Annual General Meeting does not approve the program, a cash settlement of the options contracts will be provided to the employees. Following Ingeborg Morken's resignation, her 60,000 unvested options are no longer valid. The total number of options granted is now 930,000. For queries, please contact: Per Axel Koch, Chairman, +47 481 20 000 Rolf Barmen, CEO, +47 900 80 950
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Fjordkraft at a glance

Known brand
Fjordkraft is the number one brand for electricity retailing in the Norwegian consumer market and the number two brand in the business market.

All across Norway
The Company supplies electricity to an estimated more than 1.3 million people through ca. 600,000 delivery points in households, businesses and public entities across Norway.

Fjordkraft Mobil

Fjordkraft Mobil
Fjordkraft Online Shopping
Increased market share

Fjordkraft Mobil was launched on 25 April. We already had a well-known brand, a skilled customer service centre and expertise from the electricity market. For Fjordkraft, the path from being an electricity retailer to also becoming a mobile phone operator was short. Fjordkraft’s electricity customers get more value for money with cheap mobile phone subscriptions.

Fjordkraft Netthandel was launched. 150 online stores give Fjordkraft’s electricity customers discounts. Because Fjordkraft has a large number of customers, we are an attractive partner for vendors and brands who would like to give our customers discounts.

19% of electricity customers state that they are customers of Fjordkraft. This is the first time such a high market share has been reported for one electricity supplier in Norway (TNS Kantar Q3 2017).